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Oaklynn Special School

Green Bay Primary School facilitates two satellite classes in association with Oaklynn Special School.

A satellite class is a group of students who belong to a special school, but have the wonderful opportunity of being integrated in a nearby 'mainstream' school.

Green Bay primary School has a purpose- built specialist centre which caters specifically for young people with special needs and autism. The name of the centre is "Manuka". There are two class rooms, a community space and offices in the centre. There is also an outdoor activity area which provides a safe environment for young people.
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Oaklynn Special School also has specialist ASP classes and other special needs classes located at other local primary schools, intermediate schools and Green Bay High School.

The satellite class system enables students to have the best of both worlds. Students are included as much as possible in regular school life as well as having the skilled support of the special school network.
Although students are based in the satellite classroom, they can sometimes participate in mainstream classes and activities for part of the day usually accompanied by a teacher or teacher aide. Sometimes students from mainstream classes will join the satellite class, as part of a process called 'reverse integration'.
Students form the Oaklynn classes play with the mainstream students in the playground on a daily basis. Taking part in Jump Jam classes and PE classes happens on a weekly basis. Oaklynn students and Green Bay School students share their time and their facilities while learning about how all people are different, fun and beautiful.
For more information about Oaklynn Special School, please view their website at www.oaklynn.school.nz