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                After 1 Year (40 weeks)

 Students will mostly be able to:

 Identify numbers: 0-20 
eg: show student 7 and students says, "7"
 Say the number sequence forwards and back within 20 
eg: "0,1,2,3,4..."       "20,19,18,17..." 

 Say the number before and after a given number within 20 
eg: "The number before 7 is six and the number after 7 is 8." 

Order numbers within 20
eg: "Put these numbers in order from smallest to biggest 9, 13, 7."     Student answers, "7,9,13"

Instantly recognise finger patterns up to 10
eg: Hold up three fingers and student says 3 without the need to count the fingers.

Instantly know groupings within 5 and 10
eg: Hold up 1 finger and student says 4 (1+4=5)
eg: Hold up 3 fingers and student says 7 (3+7=10)

Skip count in 2s and 5s within 20 forwards and back
eg: 0,2,4,6...       20, 18, 16, 14...

Identify objects that have been made into halves and quarters
eg: "This apple has been cut into half."

Read 1/2 and 1/4 eg: "That says half."

Instantly answer subtraction questions within 5
eg: 5-2 Instantly know doubles within 10
eg: 2 doubled is? (4)     5 doubled is? (10)

Instantly knows groupings with 5 eg: 5+?=7      5+4=?

Compare volume
eg: when comparing two containers of different sizes a student can fill the smaller container and pour the contents into a larger container and notice, "This container is larger."

Compare length
eg: hold two books next to each other and say, This book is smaller than this book." Sort objects using attributes such as shape, colour, size, symmetry, corners, thickness
eg: "These shapes all have pointiness."
eg: "These shapes are not symmetrical."

Give and understand directions
eg: Move forwards.  Turn left Make statements about simple graphs eg: The pictoram shows there are more dogs than cats.