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Hello, my name is Dilip Patel. My wife Rebecca & I have lived in Green Bay for 11 years. We currently have 2 children at Green Bay School in year 2 & year 6. We enjoy the great community that Green Bay is. I have lived in West Auckland for over 40 years.

I am a self-employed Registered Financial Adviser and operate my own mortgage broker business in Green Bay from our home office, and have done so for the past 4 and a half years. I have had previous financial experience as a business & commercial manager with over 18 years at the ANZ bank.

Due to the flexibility of my job, I have had the opportunity to help many Green Bay locals with home loan and financial advice. This has also given me the time to spend with our children and helping out around the school and community. Being involved in school activities such as attending some of the school trips, the school camps, along with helping out at school events and sponsoring the school. I have also coached my son’s soccer team.

We are very lucky in New Zealand to have the ability to closely manage our school, and determine issues such as long term plans and the implementation of the curriculum.

I am fortunate and thankful to be a member on the Board of Trustees, and enjoy assisting and sharing my knowledge to ensure that Green Bay school continues to do it’s utmost to help all pupils and families. A school where the pupils are provided with the opportunities and resources to learn to the best of their abilities.

Thank you

Dilip Patel.