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Hi, I am Amelia Day.  My Husband Kieron and I were lucky enough to find ourselves a home in Green Bay 5 years ago and our only regret is not having discovered this gem of a community earlier.  We have 2 children, our youngest is 3 years old and our oldest is 8 and is in Year 4 at our awesome school.  Green Bay really is a unique community that is hard not to get involved in.

I feel very privileged to be on the Board of Trustees; to be able to give what I can to do the best for all of our children is something I feel rather excited to be a part of.  I enjoy being able to give all I can in the areas which I feel I can offer the most. I am a fully qualified and registered teacher and have worked in the Early Childhood Education sector for 16 years.  With this experience, I feel it drives my passion to help children to be confident learners. 

I thank you all for the opportunity to represent your voice as parents on the Board of Trustees, I will do my best in my role as a Parent Elected Trustee.