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School Charter

We aim to educate your child to become a life-long learner.  As stated in our school vision, we aim to ‘Grow the heart, the mind and the spirit’ of everyone in the school – by teaching values and caring for others (the heart), by developing academic skills and knowledge (the mind), and by fostering success and high self esteem (the spirit).

The aims in our School Charter for the teachers (as learning leaders), and the students are:
  • to be literate and numerate  *  to achieve  *   to understand that success requires risk-taking, effort and perseverance
  • to have, or provide, an academic, social and holistic education  *  to learn Future Skills including ICT, critical and creative thinking skills,  information and media literacy, and essential skills
  • to be partners in the learning process
  • to provide a safe emotional learning environment
  • to agree that learning will be enjoyable and fun  *  to reflect on and seek opportunities to grow, innovate and self-improve
By the time students leave our school they will have acquired the skills and values necessary to enable them to achieve their personal goals in life.