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School organisation

7.00am                    Before-School Care service available in hall (Kids Own) 
7.00-8:30am           School not open for students. 
School grounds are open for students. 
8.30am                    Road patrol begins under teacher supervision.
8.50am                    Morning Road patrol finishes.
8.50am                    School begins.
10.50-11.15am       Morning break
1.15pm-1.55pm     Lunch (children sit supervised for 10 minutes while eating)
                    Rubbish, drink, toilet 
2.00pm                    Afternoon school begins
2.55pm                    School closes. Road patrol under teacher supervision.
3.10pm                    Afternoon Road Patrol finishes.
3.00pm                    After school care in hall.

Before School

  • The school does not accept responsibility for students arriving at school before 8.30am. 
  • Children’s attendance before this time is at parent’s own risk. Students coming early must wait in the area behind Room 11, outside the Principal’s office. Students must not play on the playground equipment. 
  • A Before-School Service is being operated in the hall.  Please support this policy in the interests of your children’s safety.

After School

  • All students must go home straight after school. Enquiries about After-School Service can be directed to the contact on our website. All students must be picked up by 3.15pm. 
  • All students who are waiting for parents or siblings to pick them up must wait in front of the school office quietly
  • Students must NOT play on the playground after school where they are unsupervised.
When picking up/dropping off students, all drivers must park on the roadside. For safety reasons, the school car parks are for staff parking only.