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We have a ‘Zero Tolerance to Bullying’ policy. Bullying is inappropriate behaviour of a repetitive nature that causes harm and/or humiliation. We can only deal with bullying if we know it’s happening. It is vitally important that the victim tells someone as soon as an incident happens so it can be dealt with immediately. Parents who identify a matter as bullying are asked to report it immediately to your child’s teacher; the teacher will investigate and report back to you. If bullying is occurring, the bully will be dealt with as a serious offence according to school discipline procedures. Victims of bullying are likely to need support in developing strategies for dealing with bullying.

Text Harassment and Cellphones

Reports in the media advise that use of cellphones to harass is increasing. Any text harassment occurring on-site during school hours will be considered bullying and will be dealt with as a serious matter through our discipline procedures. Text-bullying out of school hours should be reported by families to the Community Constable or Police Station.

Cellphones are only allowed at school if the student has a note from a parent and they are handed in to the office; they are not allowed to be used by students while at school. If found they will be confiscated and only returned to a parent. Any concerns about usage of cellphones we recommend parents take to the authorities or their cellphone provider. It is advisable for parents to monitor children’s cellphone usage to ensure safety for all.

Vandalism or Theft

Offenders must pay for damage that is intentional or caused through inappropriate behaviour. This includes breakage of glass windows. As required by the Ministry, all windows are now fitted with safety glass, which is more expensive than ordinary glass. The parent or guardian will be advised of any incident by their child’s teacher. An invoice will follow.